Johnny Malloy

Procoll Gutter Clean was founded by Peter Coll

Peter is a plumber by trade with 30 years of experience and has installed thousands of meters of guttering in that time. Peter had found that he was always seeing gutters needing to be replaced simply because the gutters had not been properly maintained.

Peter has been a the forefront of product development in the roofing industry and has always been frustrated by the fact that there was no simple solution to the maintenance of guttering systems. Traditional gutter cleaning is time-consuming and can be very dangerous.

As soon as Peter saw the amazing vacuum technology now available he knew that this would finally provide a solution to give homeowners some a way to keep their gutters in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

Introducing Johnny Malloy

Peter & Johnny are great friends and Johnny had the experience in the gutter cleaning industry, as soon as Peter saw the work Johnny was doing, he knew this would be the best partnership for his existing Metal Roofing business to help extend the life of the gutters they were installing.

We use the latest vacuum technology to cleanly suck the dirt, grime and stagnate water right out of the guttering system straight into our storage system so that we are not leaving leaves and muck on your lawn or path areas.

We take all of that away and leave your guttering system clean and free to flow

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